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Has Copyright Law Gone Bananas? A Look at U.S. Law and the “Monkey Selfie”

By Dan Haggarty People tend to anthropomorphize animals. Whether a pet owner believes their canine can understand a complex conversation, or that their cat created a work of art, humans often give animals the benefit of the doubt that their thoughts and intentions are as complex as ours. Whether or not animals are capable of […]

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Copyright Protection for Fashion Designs

By Bianca Francisca Hoogkamer* Introduction Clothing designers spend considerable time and effort creating fashion designs. Copy houses, like Forever 21 and Primark, produce knockoffs and sell them at affordable prices, sometimes before the designer is able to deliver the articles to the stores. Recently, Senator Charles Schumer of the district of New York introduced a […]

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Publishing in the Music Industry: A Primer

By Rachal Ranteesi* Introduction Music publishing constitutes a major source of revenue for composers.  Composers earn revenue by reproducing, selling, and licensing their work.  When a composer signs a contract with a publishing company, that company takes over several responsibilities including that of reproducing, selling and licensing the composer’s work. Composers also earn revenue when […]

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